Here’s what others are saying:

“Thank you for your time and professionalism. We were given options and appreciate the explanation for each of the options. Also Tedi said Thank You!”
– Marry Ann & Steve G – Customer since 2011

“The experience was Super Great. The Doctor and the staff were very, very helpful and friendly. I am so glad I found a vet that is close to home and where they treat my Dog Efie with so much love and care. This was the first Vet I went to for Efie, we found her at an Animal Shelter in Farmington New Mexico and her Vet there was fabulous and I am a very picky person to who takes care of my animals, but the experience I had with Val Vista Animal has made me so comfortable that I will keep Efie going back everytime.”
– Denise & William W – Customer since 2014

“The office is always so clean, staff very friendly and willing to answer questions, the doctors don’t try to make you pay tons of money but work with you to find the best solution to the problem.”
– Rebekah C – Customer since 2013

“Val Vista Hospital staff are wonderful! When our dog Dakota was diagnosed with diabetes, they took the time to work with us to explain her disease, what symptoms to watch her for, how to give her insulin shots and have been the most supportive group of people I have ever encountered. They remember our dog’s name every time we come it; they make a fuss over her at every visit. I am very grateful that she gets such attention and she loves coming to the office! Thank you so much for your great care!”
– Rose & Rob R – Customer since 2011

“Always caring , very clean, get down on floor with pet , have dogs all mu life , I am 62 years old and by Far Val Vista has been the best.”
– Doris & Dennis R – Customer since 2003

“I was treated very nicely and so was my pet.”
– Mary & Charles B – Customer since 2011

“Everybody is really nice and always so accommodating”
– Daniel &Natash P – Customer since 2009

“Mr. Nibs really enjoyed his first visit. He wasn’t too thrilled about the injections but he was lapping up the love that he was getting from the assistants! The Doctor was amazing, understanding the the details of what the situation was and gave us (Mr. Nibs peeps) several options and directions to take. Admittedly, we took the conservative route but we didn’t skimp on treatment.
We have 5 cats and all of them will be patients at this facility!”
– Kristen & Todd P – Customer since 2013

“I came in to pick up food for Ruby. I was greeted in a very friendy way and my dog food was delivered quickly and professionally. I’m very happy always going to the vet. Ruby, not as much, but she always gets excellent treatment!”
– Tom S – Customer since 2011

“Val Vista Animal Hospital always gives amazing service! They are very thorough and answer all of my questions. Thank you!”
– Will & Alison S – Customer since 2012

“Very knowledgeable and caring staff.Quick service. Love the Saturday appointments for us M-F workers.”
– Anonymous Verified customer

“The office was very clean and the staff was very friendly”
– Anonymous Verified customer

“Super nice staff, great introduction to vet visits for a young puppy!!”
– Pam B – Customer since 2013

“Very helpful, very clear explanations of what needed to be done and why with Maizy. Even held her while I paid.”
– Robin M – Customer since 2013

“Our visits to Val Vista Animal Hospital are always above excellent! The staff are always caring and helpful. We love this place!”
– Johnny & Brenda S – Customer since 2001

“Was a good experience and she is doing great since our last visit.My cat was well taken care of and the staff was caring and attended to her needs and my pocketbook”
– Deanna A – Customer since 2013

– Kellie & Dave Z – Customer since 2001

“Friendly staff, appointment started on time, Vet went over all options, and they were very kind to our dogs and even helped take our bigger dog to the back for us when he was causing another dog to get uncomfortable. Can’t wait for our next visit!”
– Aurora & Kyle S – Customer since 2013

“Very nice and friendly staff.”
– Jessica & Eric M – Customer since 2013

“The veterinarians at Val Vista Animal Hospital always make me feel comfortable that I really understand what procedures they are recommending and why. They also let me know how important each test is so if I don’t have the money for all of it I can decide what I should get done first.”
– Karen & Alec R – Customer since 2011

“As always the service is super as is the staff”
– Jim T – Customer since 2011

“Val Vista animal hospital was wonderful, they made my puppy and me feel so welcomed, they worked with my financial situation and were very understanding. I would recommend this vet to anyone and plan on using them for my dog services.”
– Stacy D – Customer since 2013

“We really enjoyed the visit–my dog is frightened because she was abused and has only three legs, but they got her in and cclmThe nurse and doctor were very thorough but kind. She relaxed and went with them with no problem. The free things helped with our budget and we were able to get medicine we needed there and not have to go somewhere else.
The entire ambiance was superb.
we look forward to our next visit but hope we don’t have to go again, if you get my meaning.”
– Miranda F – Customer since 2013

“Great service, friendly staff, affordable and convenient!”
– Lisa & Jeff H – Customer since 2013

“Very friendly atmosphere and I feel Riley is in the best hands.”
– John & Kim H – Customer since 2009

“I have been going to Val Vista Animal Hospital for several years, with all my babies (cats and dogs), My pets have always been treated with the upmost care and respect.”
– Kimberly & Matt H – Customer since 2001

“Knowledgeable staff, clean environment, straightforward business (no hidden charges), do the work right, would recommend to anyone!!!!!”
– Linda A – Customer since 2012

“Very friendly and good prices.”
– Tina & Tim H – Customer since 2010

“Helpful, friendly, easy.”
– Andrey & Natalya L – Customer since 2013

“I only stopped in to get more food. Excellent customer service as usual!”
– Tom S – Customer since 2011

“I have been using this service for about 6 months now with a new puppy.
I have had excellent service with them
I will certainly recommend to anyone looking for a vet.
gary in gilbert az.”
– Gary & Diane M – Customer since 2002

“I like that my vet takes the time with me and explains everything so I can make the best decisions when it comes to my pet. I travel from QC because I feel my pet gets the best care possible without the high prices.”
– Christine & Christopher G – Customer since 2012

“The staff were all very professional. It was obvious they were passionate about their work and enjoyed their jobs.”
– Anonymous Verified customer

“Doctor’s and staff are always helpful and pleasant. They are very professional and I would recommend them to all my friends and family.”
– Karen & Bob H – Customer since 2001

“I am so glad to have found the Val Vista Animal hospital. The facility is very clean and on all three visits we got top notch care from the vets. They truly care about animals there and it really reflects in the quality of their work. Owning a pet and caring for that animal can get quite expensive, and they really understand that and worked with me above and beyond what I expected. Thanks for the great care!”
– Leroy B – Customer since 2013

“Very pleasant staff. Kali has no complaints…”
– Shannon & Mark D – Customer since 2001

“Great as always!” 🙂
– Sandy & Terry C – Customer since 2008

– Jane & Brad S – Customer since 2013

“Awesome people! I had to put my dog to sleep this year and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. They were there for me like it was their own child. I have two other dogs so when I had to bring them in for regular check up they knew it would be hard to first come back. They were comforting to get me through it. Even for something so simple, they knew I was nervous just walking back in the door. Recently I had to bring one of them back for an emergency and once again I was a mess of emotions and the crew calmed me down and took away my fears.”
– Anonymous Verified customer

“Super people who care.”
– Francis & Charles F – Customer since 2002

“I had taken my dogs to Val Vista Animal Hospital about 10 years ago before we moved to Indiana. Even though there are vets closer to my home I had chosen to go to Val Vista. I was reminded why I made that choice when I took my dogs there now that we moved back. Everyone is very nice, knowledgeable and they go out of their way to make your visit pleasant for your dogs as well as you. There is a treat jar on on a file cabinet that states treat others as you would want to be treated. They certainly do that!”
– Terri D – Customer since 2000

“I was very impressed with the service I got at Val Vista Animal Hospital! The staff was very friendly!”
– Cara K – Customer since 2013

“Everybody is very friendly and I could tell they respected my Hendrix, a 4 1/2 yr old puppy 😉 just as they should, very patient with him considering how spooky the vet can be for any size/age animal.”
– Ashley & Steve L – Customer since 2011

“Everyone at the office is so nice and patient with my dog who is not a fan of the vet. Also love that you get a written estimate before any service is provided. We’ve been going here for years now and have good experiences every time.”
– Anonymous Verified customer

“Great staff.Great doctor.”
– Jason L – Customer since 2013

“My Pup And I Enjoyed Going There.”
– Linda P – Customer since 2013

“From the front desk to the veterinarian, the staff is wonderful, kind and helpful.”
– Jeannette & Jeff H – Customer since 2012

“Always excellent service.”
– Anonymous Verified customer

“The staff was great, the tech was great, the doctor was great. They were very caring of my cat and did their best to make it comfortable for him.”
– Ashlie & Cory B – Customer since 2013

“Very friendly staff.Made me and my dog feel welcomed and important.”
– Mike S – Customer since 2013

“You always take good care of my little girl and make me feel comfortable. Thank you.”
– Sheila & Kurk Q – Customer since 2010

“Very knowledgeable staff. We want for our cat the very best especially if he feels not good and this is the right place to make the difference.”
– Natalia & Andrei K – Customer since 2011

“Hi! We had a very pleasant experience during our visit at VVAH. Your assistants & Dr. were courteous and prompt.
Also, they showed concern and provided excellent care for our pet.”
– Peter & Ocamie D – Customer since 2001

“The staff was so nice and accommodating. The visit was quick and as stress-free as possible for my pet.”
– Shannon P – Customer since 2013

“I always feel like a valued customer when I take my cat to Val Vista. They are polite, professional and I know my pet is well cared for.”
– Harry & Linda D – Customer since 2012

“The usual friendly and very competent staff.Very considerate of Rascal’s handicap.Very knowledgeable and cooperative about his treatment.”
– Anonymous Verified customer

“I am very satisfied with the service I receive from VAl Vista Animal Hosp. I will recommend you to others. Your staff are friendly, empathize with my love for my animals and quickly meet my needs for appts, refills of meds, etc. I was new to Arizona when I first came here and will continue to use you as my animals care agents.”
– Linda M – Customer since 2012

“The vet was very personable and helpful in explaining possible concerns regarding my dog.”
– Roger & Taylene B – Customer since 2013

“dr and staff are wonderfull.have been going their for 9 and would not go any else”
– Evelyn S – Customer since 2005

“Very pleasant and positive experience. Friendly staff”
– Terry & Frank C – Customer since 2013

“Oreo had a teeth cleaning for the first time, and everything went very smoothly. Each person we talked to was wonderful, he had a “personal nurse” taking care of him, and they called the next day to follow up and see how he was doing. Wonderful experience all around.”
– Karen F – Customer since 2005

“VVAH is one of the best hospitals in Gilbert. They are always there for my boys and they accept Care Credit which is a big deal for me, since I don’t have insurance for my dogs. The Doctors are all great caregivers. They always see my boys whenever I call and the care is excellent!”
– Janice J – Customer since 2000